Pump your heart with stock music

Jazz is a stock music genre which marks its origin from American African communities residing during the nineteenth and twentieth century in the United States. Jazz comprises of different musical notes like swung, polyrhythms, improvisation and syncopation. It is a difficult kind of music as it is very much different from other kinds of music. There are four components of Jazz music harmony, tune qualities, melody and rhythm. Jazz is a mixture of American and African style of music. It is acceptable and appreciated all over the world. The styles of Jazz music has changed over the times and adapted what the listeners like to hear.

Styles of Jazz music

  • Work song: It has fast rhythm and high beats. The work song is used for repetitive purpose. They are used at places where the work day needs to go faster. However this is not acceptable in modern time. It is the least popular style of jazz music.
  • New Orleans Jazz: It is another style of Jazz which was introduced in 1890’s. This music was used in brass band with marching and gospel songs. William Basie, bandleader is the famous jazz band leaders. This style of jazz is popular even today in many countries.
  • The Chicago style of Jazz: It came in 1917’s in Chicago. In this time Piano was also introduced in the background music of Jazz. This created a new sound and hence was termed as Chicago style.
  • Be hop: Be hop comprises of fast tempo with the rhythm patterns changing making a lighter and soft sound. It is used normally by a solo performer instead of band.

Jazz music is popular among all age groups in every country as it has the ability to adapt to the changing likes and preferences of the music lovers. Listening to Jazz music is also beneficial for the human body.

  • Listening to jazz music can help in improvisation of verbal memory, mood and focus after a stroke.
  • Jazz music can help in lowering the blood pressure
  • It also helps in reducing severe pain
  • Jazz music also helps in increasing the immunity.
  • It enhance capability of the person to memorize
  • It helps in thinking creatively and critically.
  • It helps in reducing the anxiety among the people and helps them to remain calm.

The foremost benefit of Jazz music is entertainment. People who love and understand music will love Jazz because of its beats and rhythm.


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